Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July Sweet Brother

Just had to post this for you, Damon. I know Laguna is missing you deeply today. Your memory is alive and well there still. The parade won't be the same without you but I know all your dear friends are celebrating with the hilarious memories you have left them with.
Today I think of FREEDOM. So precious to us all that we take that very thing away from those that do not obey our laws. Rest assured that those that have taken you away from us will never again know the joy of FREEDOM again.
So, sweet Damon, don your Red, White and Blue outfit of choice. Grab the American flag and prance around in all your Glory up there in Heaven. Make everyone there feel the tremendous joy you have brought to us all in the past..............

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June Houck said...

Very sweet post and tribute to your wonderful brother.

Happy Independence Day, Deanna!