Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dria's Birthday Party Prep

I cannot believe my baby girl is turning 8!!

Where has the time gone?

Every year we brainstorm about what kind of invitation and party theme we are going to do.  This year was no different.  We started by thinking about what we have done in years past.  When thinking of the water balloon invite from a couple years ago we decided to utilize a balloon again.  This time we would write on the balloon then deflate it and include it in the invitation.  Once we decided to go with a scavenger hunt theme (it's amazing how popular these are-- per Google) we knew we wanted to incorporate that into the invite.  Thus, the idea of the Cyber Wild Goose Chase Invitation began.

Now, if you have gotten here during the Wild Goose Chase (from ), I won't spoil it for you.  All I can tell you is your next step is to leave a comment here on this blog then wait for an email directly from me.  To leave a comment you just need to go to the bottom of this post and click on the comments link.  It will bring up a box for you to type in.  When done, you need to 'select profile' from the drop down box then click 'post comment'.  If this doesn't work for you feel free to just email me.  Hope you are having fun on this adventure!

For those of you just visiting my blog-- here is what has transpired so far:
   Invitees were hand delivered a deflated balloon with a message written on it and a rolled up message inside.  Attached was a tag saying, "Blow me up!"  Once blown up, the writing on the balloon stated, "Pop me!".  Then the hidden message inside could be unraveled.  It welcomed them to the Cyber Wild Goose Chase Invitation and directed them to go to  You can backtrack there if you wish to see the message and directions posted there.  ----I will post a follow up at a later date revealing the rest of the invite for those interested.

Happy Summer All!!!