Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter treats

Okay, okay---long time since I've posted.  I have been crafting, tho so I will try to post some of what I have been doing.  In the meantime, here is a cute little Easter treat I whipped up today.  Got the idea off Pinterest from this blog.  She makes these as Christmas treats using Christmas M&Ms and milk chocolate kisses.  Go to her blog and check it out.  As for mine, I adapted them for Easter using Easter M&Ms and white chocolate chips.  I couldn't find the empty circle pretzels she used but found wheel pretzels instead.  I put the white chocolate chips upside down in between the wheel spokes in the pretzels before melting.  Then pushed in the M&Ms.  Turned out looking like little spring flowers---happy accident :)


Claudine C. said...

These look fantastic, such a great project. I love them and they look yummy!!!

Beth said...

these are adorable. Hope you and yours are doing well. It has been such a long time..